Monday, January 29, 2007

Lance Wynn Art Lecture

Lance Wynn sees art as a generative process meaning that artists express their ideas. An example he gave was Jackson Pollock, who expresses his ideas onto a painting that he has done by just taking a brush up down and down the paper. A point that Lance made out that I found interesting was that in art, you give yourself a starting point and work from there. He does that a lot in his artwork. The slides that he showed during the lecture were very interesting in terms of what material he used to create the images. For example, in one image, he used rubber stamps to make a moth in black ink in a a dark motion. Throughout the image, the shades of blue change frm darkest to lightest. It also changes the mood of the image as ou go back forth. Another example was a 3D image shaped like a number 8 in which he used figures that were connected to each other. One figure was holding a gun to another. So, he came up with the idea that if one person has a gun, everyone else has one themselves. He also talked about how he uses words and languages in some of his work. For example, in one of his images, he used cut staked paper and molded the word "deppression" in it. Another intersting point he makes is how the use of material collaborates with the artist. He talked about how he likes to experience with insulations in art. An example of that would be his picture of a box with foam on it containing a mixture of bright colors, which really caught my attention the most because it looked 3 dimensional. The last point he made about his artwork that I found interesting was he liked to used red and green to make gray because it helps create the image.

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