Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Melissa Dean Art Lecture

Melissa Dean uses a lot of consumer products in her artwork. Examples of consumer products are toilet paper, kitchen appliances, and tools. One picec of art work that stood out was the picture of the layered cameras. It seemed really interesting because it looked like a whole bunch of cameras clumped together into one drawing. Another thing I found interesting about the lecture was where her titles came from. Her titles came from the back of Target fliers and most of her titles were similar to each other. The titles contained the expiration dates of the products, which I found really interesting. Another thing I found interesting was the way her individual products were positioned on the wall of the gallery. The print that really caught my attention was the one in red because red is a bright color and bright colors always catch my attention. The products were positioned into a funny shape that made you feel like you were going on a roller coaster ride as you were walking along with it. The slideshows were very interesting, especially the picture of the camera mounted into four different sqaures. That was my favorite one because the drawing of the camera was outlined in black and it looked three dimensional. I also liked the colors surrounding the camera because it looked like the camera was situated in front so that the colors would appear to be the background fo the picture.

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