Monday, March 26, 2007

Andrew Kieper lecture

Andrew Kieper had showed us some moving images done by different artists and one of them was done by him. Kieper's work seemed interesting to me because a lot of the images were repeated over and over again throughout the film. The sound effects involved in the film seemed to mix up with the images. The film got kind of boring after a while because I was seeing the images over and over again as well as the sound effects. Throughout the film, I was also in a state of confusion because I did not know what was going on in the film, meaning I did not think there was any sort of theme to it. When I look at art work in different mediums, I know that there is some kind of theme to the piece whether it is bad or good.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mark Cooley lecture

Mark Cooley's work involves military, government, and public policy in the United States. He also does critiques on the cultural industries and the art world. My favorite piece of work he did was called American Dreams, which is a collection og toy packages. The thing I found interesting about this one is the use of interactivity, which is a process of communication. With interactivity, the audience can initiate the art in an open space, like a gallery. Interactivity was also used in Enduring Freedom, which is a relationship with the war in Afghanistan. This work was also interested because of the use of television and other communications. The television sets were on 2 stands next to each other representing the twin towers. Cooley also mentions his use of net art, which is using art from the internet. He likes using this because interactivity is involved and it also shows how people use it to communicate with each other.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

SMP Senior Art Majors

1.) Tom-Photograpy: used photobook for his pictures; took pictures of different walls because he believes that there is a connection between them; his inspiration of the book was Ralph Gibson; thinks the book is a souvenir; square images help bring out horizontal and vertical things; always thinks about how the viewers will look through the book; some photos show a sense of humor;

2.) Vanessa-Drawing/Painting: satirizing society; examines how we look at random things in society; draws pictures of foxes and calls it fox hunting; there is a change from 3rd to 1st person; uses 3D things, like the suitcase;

3.) Jeannie-Sculpture: more characters aggressing; her goal was to expose more emotions; focuses more on abstraction than realism; her sculptures are on the foor because the audience will get a better view of them; considers them self portraits of feelings; her inspiration was Frida Kahlo, queen of self portraits;

4.) Erica- Photo Participatory: audience participates in art; she looks at artists who engage the audience in their work; she believes that audience who participate in an artist's work, can make a contribution to art; here, the audience follows a set of directions(one dealt with library cards and the other dealt with gold things); categorization played a role in this critique, meaning how we put things in order in society;