Monday, March 19, 2007

Mark Cooley lecture

Mark Cooley's work involves military, government, and public policy in the United States. He also does critiques on the cultural industries and the art world. My favorite piece of work he did was called American Dreams, which is a collection og toy packages. The thing I found interesting about this one is the use of interactivity, which is a process of communication. With interactivity, the audience can initiate the art in an open space, like a gallery. Interactivity was also used in Enduring Freedom, which is a relationship with the war in Afghanistan. This work was also interested because of the use of television and other communications. The television sets were on 2 stands next to each other representing the twin towers. Cooley also mentions his use of net art, which is using art from the internet. He likes using this because interactivity is involved and it also shows how people use it to communicate with each other.

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