Tuesday, March 6, 2007

SMP Senior Art Majors

1.) Tom-Photograpy: used photobook for his pictures; took pictures of different walls because he believes that there is a connection between them; his inspiration of the book was Ralph Gibson; thinks the book is a souvenir; square images help bring out horizontal and vertical things; always thinks about how the viewers will look through the book; some photos show a sense of humor;

2.) Vanessa-Drawing/Painting: satirizing society; examines how we look at random things in society; draws pictures of foxes and calls it fox hunting; there is a change from 3rd to 1st person; uses 3D things, like the suitcase;

3.) Jeannie-Sculpture: more characters aggressing; her goal was to expose more emotions; focuses more on abstraction than realism; her sculptures are on the foor because the audience will get a better view of them; considers them self portraits of feelings; her inspiration was Frida Kahlo, queen of self portraits;

4.) Erica- Photo Participatory: audience participates in art; she looks at artists who engage the audience in their work; she believes that audience who participate in an artist's work, can make a contribution to art; here, the audience follows a set of directions(one dealt with library cards and the other dealt with gold things); categorization played a role in this critique, meaning how we put things in order in society;

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